Kick It Old School With This '90s-Inspired Collection

We all have those nostalgic, “back in the day” moments (and the sartorial evidence that goes right along with ‘em) that we just can’t bear the thought of giving up. And, yes, we blame those flashbacks for our inability to abandon a handful of trends.
But, for Oakland-designer Faris Du Graf of Faris, her love for her personal golden era — 1996 — has inspired an onslaught of pretty pieces. “I chose my most reminiscent era, the nineties, as inspiration,” says Du Graf. A time when hoop earrings, name-plate necklaces, and dookie chains saturated the jewelry game, Faris is paying major homage to the year by tapping these references for her latest line NINETYSIX. She’s adding her own modern twist to the ‘90s baubles, though, and has a sleek, timeless lookbook to accompany them. Get ready to kick it old school and soak in Faris’ appreciation for yesteryear after the jump.

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