Yes, You CAN Wear Violet Eyes & A Bold Lip Together

There are makeup artists, and then there are makeup artists. Dick Page falls, unquestionably, into the latter category. A master of both color theory and technique, Page always manages to surprise us with a fresh outlook on making faces. And, as the artistic director of makeup for Shiseido, he's the man who develops the seriously gorgeous hues that wind up in the brand's color collection. His latest creation, the Eye Color Bar, is a mixology-inspired palette of nine new liqueur-inspired eyeshadows. On paper, the colors sound like a lot of look. In practice, these pretty shadows make us wonder why the heck we haven't been wearing magenta and cobalt eyeshadow all day, every day.
Need to see the gorgeousness in action? Watch this exclusive video, as the dulcet-toned Page creates a violet eyeshadow look on model Sui He. We're particularly fond of the bold eye and intense lip together — it's exactly the kind of rule-breaking that makes Page's work so original. He calls it a "strong yet chic look," but we're calling it stunning. The palette officially launches on September 15, but for all you impatient types, you can sneak over to the Shiseido Facebook page to score it early. A cocktail of colors that'll last well into the holiday season? We'll drink to that.
Shiseido Limited Edition Eye Color Bar, $50, available at Shiseido.

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