30 Covetable Fall Beauty Must-Haves

We're going to avoid making a bountiful harvest joke here about all the new beauty products launching this season, because we're better than that. However, that said, there really is a LOT of great stuff coming our way this fall. Every year we think they can't possibly wow us more than the last, and every year we find ourselves awed by the newness and innovation — from crazy-advanced technology to devastatingly beautiful new hues — that's unleashed this time of year.
We had a difficult time zeroing in on the products we thought deserved to make our list of essentials. Every time we thought we had it nailed down, something else even more fabulous would land on our desks. In the end, we managed to (after much arguing back and forth among the beauty team) narrow it down to the 30 products we think are essential for the season.
Now, obviously we don't expect you guys to buy them all, but if you're looking for some inspiration and guidance on which products are worth dropping some dough on, then this is the guide for you. Trust, there are some truly breathtaking beauty goodies on the pages ahead. Our minds = blown.

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