The Best Cookbooks Of All Time, Plus New Must-Haves

A good cookbook can change your life. That's no exaggeration. For many people, just one good meal can change the course of their career, family, and the country they call home — just ask Julia Child. Even if you're the type who uses their oven as a filing cabinet, there's something about reading through a quality cookbook that makes you feel wise and homey and excited to hit the kitchen. Creating a quality meal is a lifeskill and a joy, but a daunting task for many. A good cookbook can become your companion in the kitchen as well as the guide looking over your shoulder, urging you to taste before you salt.
Regardless of the myriad of (wonderful) food blogs and recipe sites out there, we believe everyone should have a few good cookbooks on their shelf. Propping your laptop up on the counter just isn't the same as cracking the spine of good hardcover and blowing the flour off the pages. Out of the myriad classics, we've compiled 15 we think are musts for chefs of any level, as well as some new gems we've fallen for. Take a look through and then make your friends — or yourself — a really good meal.

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