Non-Dorky Ways To Work Out In Public

Trying to squeeze in workouts all week between actual work and all those not-ready-to-say-goodbye-to-summer happy hours can feel like the schedule equivalent of Jenga. The obvious solution if you can't get to the gym is to find a way to work fitness into your day. Sure, that seems like a great idea, and one plenty of publications have already covered. The problem? All those exercises they recommend are ones that would make you feel like a total tool to do in public. Sorry, but we're not doing squat thrusts at the bus stop — that's one way to get all the wrong kinds of attention.
The solution: Exercise moves that are not only effective, but no one will even know you're doing them. The covert ops of fitness, if you will. This cunning workout, designed by Ben Hart, an NYC personal trainer and co-founder of Qinetic, an online fitness and wellness network, will help give you body-toning benefits wherever, whenever. And you don't have to worry about some creepy dude leering at you squatting on a street corner.
Click through to see the tiny, sneaky tweaks you can make each day to transform your body on the sly.

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