School Of Style, Hot Dates, & More We're Buzzing About

dc-embedPhoto: Courtesy of The Plate; Courtesy of District Sparkle.
If you're doing Labor Day weekend correctly, your holiday weekend is likely to include a barbecue of some sort. While you're firing up the grill, try taking part in the latest trend of roasting a lemon for this Gin Lemonade recipe. (The Plate)
Ever feel like your walls are a bit blah? Take some inspiration from District Sparkle and get some framed artwork up there. (District Sparkle)
If you have dreams of becoming a professional stylist, you're going to need more than luck and a great outfit to make it happen. So, buckle down and shell out for a two-day workshop with LA-based stylist Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah. Yes, the tickets are $575 — but isn't firsthand, insider info pretty much priceless? (School of Style)
Planning a staycation this weekend? Here's where to make the most out of your extra day off from work (think booze and brunch). (DrinkDC)
If you're lucky enough to have a hot date this weekend, let's hope your potential SO is taking you to one of these amazing places, perfect for first-time dinner and drinks with someone you've texted, like, three times. (Guest of a Guest)

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