Want Matthew Williamson Strewn Across Your Walls? You've Got It

We admit that our current state of financial affairs doesn’t allow us to own a wardrobe bulging at the hinges with Matthew Williamson dresses. It is a shame but we’ve made our peace with it. But, a flat covered wall-to-wall in Williamson’s designs is well within reach, courtesy of the designer’s new wallpaper and fabric range for Osborne & Little.
The designer approached this décor collection with just the same eye for detail that we’ve come to expect from his runway collections. As he explains to Vogue, “ I started by looking through my archives at old prints, fabrics, and interior inspirations. Some of the designs reference old collections, for instance the Songbird story was inspired by a print in my spring/summer 2004 Flamingo Bag collection. It was really important that the collection reflected my signature aesthetics, but I also wanted to ensure it was really cohesive; so each design could work alone or be layered with other designs in the collection.”
With prices starting at £52 for a roll of wallpaper and £65 for fabric, it isn’t too crazy to think that we could deck out our entire flat in the designer’s jewel-toned wallpapers and perhaps a scatter cushion or two. After all, one roll should just about cover a small flat. Click through to get a taste of the collection that is set to hit stores in mid-September.

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