10 Total-Body Game Changers

You might be getting ready to shove your bikini into the depths of your closet, but wanting to be in stellar shape isn't a goal that goes away when the temperature starts to drop. Still, we also recognize that many of you aren't into doing crazy amounts of cardio and strength-training on the daily — you're busy girls and you need to maximize your workout time.
Enter: Mark Hibbard, a personal trainer and founder of Next Level Fitness Formula in New Jersey. His prescription for a maximized workout that will totally transform your bod? Sliders. No, not the mini burgers (although that would be the best workout regimen ever, no?) — those little pads that let your feet graze the floor like you are pretend ice skating.
Coupling a few basic fitness moves with this tiny-but-mighty workout tool can be a sweat-session game changer. “Slider-pad exercises allow you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm, tone, and sculpt long, lean gorgeous muscles,” says Hibbard. “They add resistance as you push footpads inward, outward, forward, and back and allow you to engage muscles through a full range of a motion to strengthen and lengthen major muscle groups work your entire body.”
And another plus — they multitask, too. The following 10 toning moves each work three or more muscle groups at a time. Just aim to do every one of them two times, and work your way up to three when you can. While you can buy a fancy slider set (like Glider Discs), Hibbard says there's no need to drop tons of dough — you can simply buy those extra-large furniture sliders, or go super-low key and use two small hand towels.
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