Meet The BFF Businesswomen of Bib + Tuck

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If you gave Sari Bibliowicz something new and chic to wear, it'd only be a matter of time before you saw it worked into a sharp outfit on her friend and business partner, Sari Azout. Of course, that goes both ways. As two buds who've taken the traditional clothes-swapping practice of BFFs and turned it into a website and burgeoning online business, Bib + Tuck, they practice what they preach. Two (or a few thousand) friends sharing always adds up to something bigger (and more stylish) than the sum of its parts.
Unlike the other dynamic duos in our Double Vision interviews, the Sari-and-Sari partnership goes all the way back to kindergarten (they were hot after each other's style, even then). But, just like the other twosomes in our series — created in partnership with Levi's® — they've made their mark by
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combining the best of their very different skill sets. This is all right in line with what Levi's is doing for its 160th anniversary, backing a series of unique public projects (including Station to Station) that feature people at the frontiers of art, music, and technology, along with online efforts that ask some of today's great talents pointed questions and highlight more amazing collaborations with creative pioneers. Keep on top of all of it by visiting here and following #MakeOurMark and #GoForth on Twitter and Instagram.
The Saris' true collaboration, by the by, began about 20 years into their friendship when, while living in the same building here in New York after college, they resumed swapping selections from their deep closets and made world-conquering plans together.
Like so many people who've found bliss in their life's work, instead of trying to force themselves to fit some preconceived notion of a successful career, they dedicated themselves to forging a business out of their passionate extracurricular pursuits — namely, trading clothes. They figured, if just two friends could get their respective fashion fixes from exchanging old favorites, then what if that circle expanded to a few dozen — no, wait — a few thousand? Why, it'd be an exponential explosion of amazing finds for each user and the creation of a virtual community of chic, eagle-eyed ladies supporting each other's search for the perfect look, wouldn't it? That's Bib + Tuck in a nutshell.
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It's a great concept, sure — but it's also one that wouldn't work without the right personalities at the center, pulling in the right people to form its stylish circle. The Saris, with their complementing and contrasting talents, certainly fit the bill: fun, chic, social connectors who can think two steps ahead of Internet trends and balance spreadsheets as deftly as long tops and short dresses.
Luckily for you (and us), the ladies were kind enough to spend the day with us, explaining how their friendship formed a great partnership and giving us an inside look at an ongoing professional process that's definitely making a mark in online style. Just click ahead to step into Bib + Tuck's swapping circle.
On Azout (left): (similar) Levi's Wool Moto Trucker Jacket, $138, available at On Bibliowicz: Levi's Western Shirt, $68, available at; vintage Levi's romper.
Hair and Makeup by Andrew Colvin; Styled by Jennifer Steele
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School Ties
Azout: "You know, we actually met in kindergarten! I think we actually bonded over Petit Bateau as a fashion statement, if you can believe that. I think that, from the beginning, our friendship was defined by a closeness of closets. It was definitely love at first sight."
Bibliowicz: "I'd say it was puppy love at first site, and that it was probably our mutual love for Legos, Barbies, and finger-painting that brought us together."
Azout: "Okay, maybe — but I knew that Sari B. would be the right person to start a business with when we planned a Euro trip after graduating high school. Actually,
004_SariBibliowicz_SariAzout04_205_dropPhotographed by Winnie Au
I mean, she planned it — right down to the last dot. She did it all."
Bibliowicz: "Well, I planned our itinerary..."
Azout: "I didn’t want to do that work."
Bibliowicz: "But Sari A. planned our financials. Not only did we realize how complementary our strengths were, but traveling alone with someone for a whole month shows you the good, the bad, and the ugly of your relationship with that person. You know, the ugly on that trip was actually quite pleasant."
Give and Take
Azout: "As for partnering on Bib + Tuck, there was never this aha moment. We never said, 'Okay, let’s do this.' We would chat about it over Sunday brunch or after getting home from work — we were roommates at the time. Then one day, we decided to make a promo video for the site (mind you, this was before we had a site up and running. I know, I know). Before we knew it, we were on, and that’s when we realized we couldn't [go] back. We had to pursue this. Yes, starting a business with one of your best friends is a gamble. A lot of people advised us against it — and we knew it was. We just knew it was a really good one."
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Bibliowicz: "By the way, just to clear this up — to 'bib' an item means to list it, or put it up for sale. To 'tuck' means to purchase someone else’s item."
Azout: "Yeah, so our name comes from an old English aristocratic phrase where women were told to wear their best 'bib and tucker' — meaning to wear their finest outfit. We liked the phrase and gave it our own twist."
Bibliowicz: "It’s our haute-couture spin on ‘give and take.'"
Partners in Crime
Azout: "We try to divide and conquer, but at the end of the day, we consult each other on pretty much everything."
Bibliowicz: "Nothing is a one-man show, and we’re always helping each other out. Sari A. handles operations, and I handle marketing."
Azout: "Which means on top of actual marketing, she handles social media or anything people-related. Once she has sold people on ‘shopping without spending,' I make sure the operation runs smoothly, and we’re constantly innovating to create the best experience for our members together."
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Plan of Attack
Bibliowicz: "We're both very efficient in the way we work. We never need to brainstorm for hours nor do we go off topic too often. Our fruition process is a simple, one-hour conversation — I think we just get each other. We brainstorm, come up with an idea, and execute instantly. We don’t wait to get started."
Azout: "Yeah, we have a shared document called 'How We’re Gonna Take Over the World,' and every time we come up with an idea, we’ll put it in the document. Once a month, we’ll go over all of the ideas, review them, and select two to three we want to follow through with. It’s all about ideating, executing, testing, and trying again."
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Yin and Yang
Azout: "I’ve never really thought of the specific reasons why, but our personalities just work together. I overthink everything, while Sari B. has a lot of common sense. I’m usually freaking out; she’s the glass-half-full type. I get the French fries; she’ll get the salad. A combination of the two is a perfect formula."
Bibliowicz: "Yeah, she tends to be more serious, and I’m a bit sillier, so she keeps me in check and I lighten up the mood. If anyone knows Sari A., they know she’s absolutely brilliant. Her brain is always turned on, and she never gives up. Her skill set really ranges, so there isn’t one thing she’s particularly good at, but she is a much better risk-taker than I am. She’ll jump in headfirst and won’t look back. She’s always up for a challenge. She multitasks like no other, and her witty humor is always spot-on."
Azout: "Well, but she's the one who's literally comfortable talking to anyone, anywhere. She once stopped Anna Wintour to have a five-minute conversation with her. Meanwhile, I didn’t know where to hide! She doesn’t take no for an answer, really. Also, she's the perfect combination of urban chic and bohemian with an edgy twist. She refuses to bend with fashion trends and, as if her engagement ring were not enough, her fingers are always full of surprises — from snake rings, oval rings, knuckle rings. Her go-to look is Levi's jean shorts, combat boots, and a loose T-shirt with a leather jacket. Whether she’s casual for lunch or totally glammed up for a fancy occasion, her look is always effortless and classic. She also finds a way to make red lipstick work for every occasion."
Bibliowicz: "Well, I mean, since my day usually begins with meetings and ends with dinner and drinks, I try to dress for all occasions from the a.m. on. I'm a big believer in comfortable style, so I always try to make casual cool work for every affair. I usually keep my outfit pretty basic (Levi's and a tee) and dress it up with accessories and shoes. Sari A, meanwhile, is an eclectic mix of Patti Smith and Alexa Chung. She might as well have been born in a strawberry field in the 1970s. You can usually find her in wide-leg jeans and anything with flowers. Oh, and she’s been wearing overalls since the early '90s.
Azout: "Yep! The beauty of being your own boss is that nobody can tell you what to wear. I like to wear colorful, statement pieces to brighten up the mood at the office. When I don’t have meetings though, I’ll show up to the office in workout clothes. It’s great!"
008_SariBibliowicz_SariAzout05_198_dropPhotographed by Winnie Au
BPP (Best Partners Permanently)
Azout: "We're friends, first and foremost, and we have so much in common outside of our work. We’ll chat about whether we like the guy one of our friends is dating, and a minute later we’re discussing an operational challenge for Bib + Tuck."
Bibliowicz: "Yep, work and play is all-in-one. Since we’ve been friends forever, casual chatter comes naturally. We can converse about product development and our financial strategy alongside boy problems and religion. We just don’t distinguish."
Azout: "The partnership has turned out to be more than we could have imagined. There’s no other person in the world I could talk to 20 times a day and not get tired of it. It's gotten to the point where she’ll book [my] eyebrow waxing, blow-dry, and doctor's appointments for me. She’s my second mom!"
Bibliowicz:"I'd love it if our 'How We’re Gonna Take Over the World' list included traveling the world and, maybe, moving to a remote island with our hubbies."
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