Rad Or Bad: Pointy-Toed Ankle Boots

radbadEMBEDPhoto: Courtesy of Zara.
There was once a time, about two years ago, when dressing like a goth witch was just about the coolest thing you could do in New York City. Bona Drag was our default homepage (may or may not still be true), Pamela Love's pentagram earrings were threatening to drain our bank accounts, and if you weren't wearing at least one ripped-up, oversized, black T-shirt (preferably from OAK NYC), there was just no point in going outside the apartment.
While we definitely still dig that look from time to time, the heyday has passed in favor of monochrome neutrals, pastels, and '90s prints. Until now. As WWD points out, pointy toes are making a big comeback this fall. Whether this look reminds you of cartoon villains, Hocus Pocus types, or just the cool girl you always wanted to be, it's definitely happening in a number of forms, as imagined by a number of brands. Personally, we're oddly drawn to these extra-pointy ankle boots from Zara. We'd probably style them with sheer black tights, a short, flouncy skirt, an oversized, loose knit and some dark lipstick. What do you think? Rad, bad, or threatening to poke your eyes out?
Zara Suede Pointed Ankle Boot, $99.90, available at Zara.

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