Hangover Cures: Tried & Tested!

Ah, the hangover. Most of us have had them (and if you haven't, please take to the comments and explain how you've managed to become a superior human being), and most of us have attempted to counteract the sad, sad pain with so-called "cures" that our older brother, cousin, or babysitter taught us back in the day.
Post-college, many of us have perfected our morning-after routine, which often involves some kind of hydration, nutrition, and rest. But, we thought, is there a better way? What about the invigorating run that our best friend swears by (we know, we kind of hate her, too). What about the shot of pickle juice that our weird uncle once insisted got him through his frat years? And what about the vanilla soft-serve ice cream with the six crushed Advil sprinkled on top (bear with us, one of our staffers claims that it's the best thing ever)?
To determine, once and for all, which hangover cures are the shiz and which are a load of bunk, we had a group of our brave staffers put 13 cures to the test. If you didn't make it through last night unscathed, which one should you try today? Take comfort, dear readers, and read on...
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