Diner's Dream! The Best Restaurant Service In NYC

If you've ever been laughed at over the phone by a hostess when you ask for a table for two on a Friday night, if you've ever waited more than 90 minutes for brunch (and thought it wasn't that bad), if you've ever been shoved the check while still eating your appetizer — you've certainly experienced dining in NYC. Unfortunate, but true: The Big Apple's got a bad rep for restaurant service. But that's only if you don't know where to get the royal treatment.
So, we've consulted Bon Appétit executive editor Christine Muhlke to give us the best-of-the-best eateries based strictly on service alone. And, as an added bonus, we've got the absolute worst spot which should be avoided if you're looking to eat in peace. Yes, New York's a big place, so here's where to go to feel like a regular, on the regular.
Click through for NYC's nine most well-operated restaurants, where the customer's always right, indeed.

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