Topshop Is Giving Us Serious Fall Fever

Everyone is familiar with spring fever, but let it be known, fall fever is an illness that's just as real and just as serious. Trust: We've been (self) diagnosed. And, the cause at the moment is the Topshop fall '13 campaign. Yes, this sickness is fueled by checkered suits, bright beanies, and platform oxfords.
With a mix of super-colorful and black-and-white photos, the new Topshop campaign is filled with a collection of irresistible trends that we've been waiting to dive into. Plaid bomber jackets, graphic sweaters, and trainers with everything are making us so excited for autumn dressing, we're practically turning up the AC in protest. So, while we highly encourage you click through the slideshow for a major dose of inspiration from one of our favorite high-street labels, be warned that fall fever is highly contagious and a quick Topshop visit may be the cure for what ails ya.

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