20 Rain Slickers That'll Keep You Dry And Chic — Promise!

If there’s anything we learned from last winter’s whirlwind of torrential storms, it’s to never underestimate the power of functional outerwear. And, because we’d probably make ourselves sick if we ever added up the dough wasted on $5 trash-bag ponchos and cheap drugstore umbrellas over the years, we sourced 20 so-chic raincoats that we’d be happy to call in as permanent replacements. That’s right: We’re ready to call a (sartorial) truce with Mother Nature.
And, because rain gear can prove to be, well, heinous, we found everything from a lightweight, hooded anorak to a traditional, slick trench in a bewitching fresh hue that'll keep you dry and stylish. Don’t get us wrong, you won't catch anyone at Refinery29 headquarters doing a rain dance, but with these picks, we’re not exactly dreading a downpour.

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