Blogger Lisa Dengler Nails Denim Four Completely Different Ways

When it comes to style blogs, we've probably looked through more than we'd like to admit. Yet there are only a few we bookmark and read often (keyword being "often"). Case in point: Lisa Dengler's Just Another Fashion Blog.
Contrary to its name, the German native's nearly 3-year-old blog is anything but average. It's a mix of truly inspirational outfits, images of editorials from German magazines, sweet giveaways, and loads more. Oh, and it's all updated around six times a week, which is insanely impressive, considering the 24-year-old just received her bachelor's degree in architecture earlier this month. Don't worry, though; her blog isn't going anywhere. "I really wouldn't mind blogging for the rest of my life," she says. "There's something so great about sharing a passion you have with others and getting awesome feedback in return." Whew, that's a relief!
But Dengler's life isn't all work and no play. Curious to know what goes down in the blogger's world while offline, we teamed up with our friends at American Eagle and hung out at some of her favorite Brooklyn spots for a day. Dengler was given a few pairs of denim from the brand's fall collection to mix into her wardrobe and, naturally, nailed it. Click ahead for a peek at her so-chic life, and get ready for some inspiring and jealousy-inducing style.

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