Jennifer Fisher Invites Us Inside Her Studio

To see a beautiful fashion editorial these days means to glimpse some of Jennifer Fisher's classic-with-a-twist jewelry. Yes, it seems the NYC mom/jeweler is in every major magazine, adorning every influential hand, and on every shopper's wish list these days. And we couldn't be happier for the down-to-earth designer. When we got an exclusive Soho studio tour from the self-proclaimed "glammed-up tomboy," it was clear from the mounds of subtle, yet eye-catching bling that there's no lack of inspiration in Fisher's world. And, from her touching backstory (beating cancer, having kids, and staying chic through it all), to her immensely positive, relatable outlook on the industry, Jennifer's feel-good, real-girl attitude was totally contagious. But be warned: The I-want-to-go-to-there desire for her diamond-encrusted pieces is catching, too. Click through for our exclusive interview and studio tour with NYC's hottest jewelry designer.

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