Paris Je T'Aime: An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Peek At Fall's Hottest Catalog

Just about every girl who enters the fashion industry imagines herself being whisked away to Paris to oversee a high-concept photo shoot, mingling with models and drinking cappuccinos along the Seine between takes. Unfortunately, such is not the reality for many an editor (are you shocked?)...unless, of course, you happen to be R29 photo editor Julia Finch.
If you happen to be Finch, you would have been invited to the one and only City of Lights by Urban Outfitters to cover the shoot for its Early Fall Catalog. And, you would have gone. And, had a blast. Click through to check out her behind-the-scenes photo diary with the Urban Outfitters team as they capture the perfect mixture of romance and edge — and yes, there are models and cappuccinos.
Want to get in on Urban Outfitters' rad early fall stock? We've picked out our favorites here, just for your shopping pleasure.

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