Watch: How To Get A Slammin' Ballet Bod

We all witnessed Natalie Portman's physical transformation for Black Swan, but what we didn't see was the girl behind the bod, her ballet trainer Mary Helen Bowers. Yes, it's Bowers who's responsible for the jumps, the leaps, and the O-M-Hollywood physique. So, who better to learn that very sculpting routine from? We caught up with the ballet-star-turned-training-guru for a sneak peek at how to get that rock hard, well, everything. And, in case you need more Bowers, you can check out her Ballet Beautiful class and DVD regimen that's geared towards a total lifestyle of living healthy and looking lean. Oh, and p.s. she did this entire get-fit workout while she was pregnant! Watch the video then feel that Black Swan burn.
Shot by Jack Pearce Shot by Kenny Wu

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