Victoria Beckham Brings A Fresh Look To Her VVB Line For Fall

Victoria Beckham just gave her lower priced line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, a major style overhaul, and we're pretty smitten with the results.
Shedding the girlish femininity of collections past, the VVB line has moved toward a look that emanates maturity and sophistication. Ditching the colorful palette and playful patterns that epitomized the Victoria, Victoria Beckham girl, the latest collection boasts an androgynous, darker feel, and we're completely digging it.
Victoria describes the new VVB girl as someone who "can wear anything with aplomb, yet she chooses the simplicity of a dress. She marches rather than walks, she drinks espresso, and she devours books and art and film. And she is subversively sexy without trying. I’d like to meet her…"
It seems the collection mirrors the evolution Beckham's personal style has taken on, as she's said adieu (or maybe, see ya later) to the skintight body-cons and provocative hemlines of yesteryear. Tunics, jumpers, shift dresses, and sweatshirts all come in a relaxed, loose-fit in the fall '13 lookbook. And the stripped-down look that is apparent throughout offers a minimalist aesthetic for simple, no-fuss dressing.
Why wait until fall for the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection? Click ahead to see all of the chic, tailored pieces now. ( Grazia )
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Beckham

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