Channel The '20s With These 11 Modern-Day Styles

Take it from those who have tried many, many times: It's not easy to channel your inner flapper without looking like you pilfered the sale section at Ricky's. Wearing a string of pearls paired with a drop-waisted frock and feathered boa at the club pretty much screams "Look at me, I'm wearing a Halloween getup," and that's not the kind of attention we want. Knowing you guys feel our pain, we've rounded up 11 modern pieces that give off the same vibe, without venturing into costume territory.
Ahead, you'll find nearly a dozen ways to bring the '20s back to life with feminine frocks, embellished clutches, and ornate jewelry. Wear the pieces solo, or get all Daisy Buchanan with an elaborate mix. Don't worry, we promise your outfit won't get mistaken for a leftover costume.

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