11 Best Uniqlo Bottoms To Help You Ditch The Denim Rut

Don't get us wrong — we love our jeans precisely because they're easy. But sometimes, we think they're a little too easy. We mean, if the perfectly fitting pair of jeans makes your rattiest T-shirt look chic and gives you a Gisele butt, why branch out?
Well, hear us out here: We think fashion ruts are always worth digging out of — especially during these super-hot months when your skinny jeans do double duty as your own personal leg saunas. So, we did some digging at Uniqlo to find you 11 great bottom-half options that are way more interesting than your basic blues.
From chic, tailored shorts and crisp, cotton miniskirts to the all-important drapey printed pant, click through for a panopoly of pants, shorts, and skirts guaranteed to get you out of your jeans rut (Gisele butt, we sadly can't promise).

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