Survive A Heat Wave With Urban Decay's Makeup Saviors

From the West Coast to the East, our country is broiling under some seriously high temps. In this kind of maddening heat where all you want to do is lie comatose in front of your whirring AC and go on a Slurpee diet, putting makeup on as it simultaneously drips off seems like a pointless endeavor.
Enter our life makeup preserver: Urban Decay. If we could only take one brand to a stinking hot desert island (or worse, to the heat-trapped hell that is NYC in August), this would be it. From its cult-favorite setting spray that'll give you a dewy glow and keep your expertly applied face in place to the eye pencils that'll actually stay on without making you look like a cartoon bandit, Urban Decay will turn sweaty glop into chilled beauty perfection. Check out our fave hot-weather product picks ahead.

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