3 Chic & Easy Ways To Style Short Hair

Opting for a short-'do makes perfect sense when you're in the middle of the dog days of a Chicago summer. But, if you were brave enough to chop it all off a few months back, now you might find yourself in a bit of a style rut. You're probably wondering what to do with your short strands now that the fall weather has set in.
So, to ensure you keep turning heads, we paid a visit to stylist Tracey Gustave at Sparrow Salon for some short-hairstyle inspiration. Whether you want to go soft and romantic or sleek and sexy, gals with long locks are going to have some serious hair envy.
Model: Carissa Giles, Factor Women Model Management
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The Simple Braid
Because even a gal with short hair needs to get those tresses out of her face once in a while — especially if you're planning on growing it out.
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Start by taking about an inch and a half of hair (depending on the thickness) where your natural part falls. "Dirty hair works best for this look," says Gustave. "If you're working with clean hair, dirty it up a bit with a gel paste like Kevin Murphy Sticky Business."
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Start making a tight braid close to the scalp."An inside-out braid is perfect for short hair," says Gustave. "It's like making a normal braid, except you cross the hair under, instead of over."
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Stop once you no longer have enough hair to braid. If you have a forehead complex (or bangs that are too short to braid), you can leave some pieces out along the hairline.
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Secure with two crisscrossed bobby pins. Push the pins into the braid, so that they are not visible.
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And there you have it! A small detail that has a major impact on short tresses.
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The Modern-Day Pompadour
Sexy? Badass? We say, both.
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Apply a generous amount of mousse — such as Kevin Murphy Body Builder — on wet (not sopping) hair. Fire up the blow-dryer, and immediately start pushing hair back with your fingers, making sure to use tension. "By pulling your hair up while drying, you're creating extra volume," says Gustave.
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Once the hair is about 90% dry, push the sides back with a small dab of styling paste. According to Gustave, "With this style, the more product, the better!"
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Take a comb and smooth out the sides. Piece out the bottom to make the style look more feminine.
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Repeat on the other side. Notice the "pompadour" is pushed against the natural part to create more volume.
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If you really want to rock out some extra volume, back comb a few half-inch sections at the crown.
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Gently smooth the hair back into place so you don't destroy all of that awesome volume.
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Sex bomb! While our model is sporting a casual look, this 'do is perfect for a formal occasion — bookmark this baby for the holidays!
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Soft and Romantic
This beauty is living proof that you need not have long hair to be among the girls with curls.
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Get yourself a curling iron with the smallest barrel possible — a half-inch is best. The one being used here is by Hot Tools. Start by making random curls. "By not following a specific pattern, you are creating a more modern, youthful look," explains Gustave. Continue to curl any pieces of hair that are long enough to fit into the iron.
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Take a little pomade and begin to separate the curls to create a romantic look. Make sure to evenly distribute the product so that you don't end up with any frizzy tendrils.
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Push the sides back. As an added option, twist a small piece of hair on the side opposite your part. Push a bobby pin into the twist to secure.
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These curls look natural, playful — and very sexy, in our opinion.

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