The Secret To Effortless Parisian Chic Is Just A Few Beauty Products Away

Sometimes, when the weather is as insufferable as it was last week, we like to pretend we’re roaming the streets of Le Marais, surrounded by chic Parisians nibbling on macarons. On the days when Paris feels too distant, we Francophiles need a little token to take us back. Lancôme has a rich French history deep-rooted in the country's splendor, and their luxe cosmetics can evoke images of narrow, winding cobblestones and irresistible accents.
Not only do we adore the romantic city (kind of obvious, non?), but we also marvel at its well-groomed, put-together inhabitants. We admire French women's sophisticated, authentic approach to applying makeup — these ladies look effortlessly real, not Hollywood spray-tanned. Marion Cotillard better watch her back, because we've chosen the best Lancôme products to get us looking like chic French femmes. Bring on the crème fraîche, baguettes, and a side of je ne sais quoi.

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