1 White T-Shirt, 3 Clever DIYs To Beat The Heat

If we were ever stranded on a desert island and had to choose one top to wear for the rest of our days, the answer would be easy — the ever-classic, plain, white T-shirt. While it may sometimes seem boring, it's one piece with endless variations. Dressed up with a structured skirt? Down with a pair of cutoffs? And, heck — if we were able to bring along our craft kit onto the island, you know we'd take that white tee to its limits.
And since it's seriously (white) hot these days, we whipped up three variations using the same basic tee from Uniqlo that will keep you cool but still stylin'. Whether you like cutouts, peplums, or have something to say, click on through for the super-easy T-shirt DIYs!

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