Warning: This Lingerie Is Too Chic To Be Covered Up With Clothes

Londoners, make room in your lingerie drawers, for a brand has come along that’s about to change everything. Meet Lonely, the label that’s part-sweetheart, part-sexy, all-gorgeous, that's just landed in the U.K. at The Goodstore Store. Hailing all the way from New Zealand — a place small and beautiful that consistently births brilliant designers — Lonely Lingerie was born back in 2009, but has only just arrived on British shores.
Bringing an appreciation of vintage corsetry to the forefront of the underpinning scene, the latest collection resonates nostalgic beauty in the form of longline bras, high-waist briefs, and pretty floral-lace soft cups. But, it also manages to get seductive— in an admirably modest way, mind. Sophisticated cutaways and peek-a-boo details sex up briefs and bras alike, in a luxury palette of emerald, charcoal, and mint. Which all begs the question: Must we cover up with clothes?
Photo: Courtesy of Lonely Lingerie

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