7 Mind-Blowingly Unique Engagement Rings From Cool S.F. Gals

In a city as distinct and unique as S.F., it only makes sense that everything we do is a smidge out of the box. And, while there are some traditions we wouldn’t dream of ditching (namely any of them involving food) — sporting a run-of-the-mill engagement ring definitely isn't one of them.
Unsurprisingly, we found seven locals who feel the same, and have opted out of the princess-cut mold for glistening, strikingly one-of-a-kind commitment bling. From a serpent-embellished hoop to a Bliss Lau-designed stunner, see how these ladies made their nuptial baubles just as singular as they are. Prepare to let out some audible oohs and ahhs — this lot is that good.
Photographed by Maria del Rio

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