Don't Feel The 'Burn! 10 Stellar Sun Care Products From Mario Badescu

Confession time, guys: much as we harp on about the importance of wearing sunscreen, we don't always take our own advice. Like last weekend: We got lazy and didn't apply our sunscreen before a leisurely Sunday in the park, and...well, let's just say that between our bright-red farmer tan and peeling nose, we've learned our lesson for real this time.
Even if you're not on the beach all day, the sun's rays will find you — so make sure to SPF it up before any outdoor activity (even if you'll be "mostly in the shade"). To help you choose, we rounded up the very best sun protection from the skin-care geniuses at Mario Badescu. We especially like the light, totally un-greasy Moisture Magnet SPF 15, or the Solar Block Cream SPF 30, for when you need a little more protection.
And if you're already rocking a 'burn, you're in luck (except, you know, for the whole burnt-to-a-crisp thing): MB carries a full line of after-sun skin-soothers, too — like the aloe-and-rosewater Facial Spray we're currently keeping at our desks for every time we feel the burn.
Click through our favorite before-and-after sun care products, and repeat with us: "We will respect the powers of the sun."

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