Butter London: Making The End Of Summer Less Tragic

Real talk: We tend to flinch when we hear the words "new fall line" when it's only been summer for approximately ten minutes. Apparently, Butter London knows we're going to need to ease gently into the season of pre-winter, and we were delighted to see that their new fall collection is more of a transitional situation rather than the abrupt shift to earth tones we've come to anticipate.
It's really anything but expected, with a bright white, pale lime green, and other vibrantly colored goodness. We are thrilled that someone is giving us permission to continue wearing our favorite summer shades into fall. Not that we always follow the seaonal "rules" — it's just nice to be validated. Click through to see our new favorite nail colors, and let us know what you think. Will this line make your summer to fall transition less painful?

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