Bright Eyes! 8 Magical Eye Potions That’ll Hide Your Half-Moons

Summer is officially in full swing(!), and you know what that means: rooftop happy hours, backyard parties, and weekend-long celebrations (hello, Fourth of July!). But, the influx of alcohol, late nights, and general warm-weather merriment will undoubtedly wreak havoc on your complexion, with the evidence first creeping in around your eyes. Unfortunately, red, puffy undereye bags don’t exactly coordinate with your new collection of summer frocks.
Luckily, we know how important it is to give your complexion’s most delicate area a little extra TLC, so we handpicked eight eye creams that won’t just perk up your peepers, but they’ll add luminosity, provide some much-needed hydration, and ward off pesky telltale signs of tired, aging skin. But that killer hangover? You’re on your own.

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