10 Rebecca Taylor Dresses Perfect For Those Too-Hot-For-Pants Days

Ninety degrees, you guys: Those are the kind of temps we're working with in NYC right now — and we're not exactly happy about it. Until this weather détente ends, we hereby refuse to do the following: turn on our stove, walk at anything above a slow mosey, and — most importantly — wear pants.
Now, this doesn't mean we're forgoing modesty completely — it just means we'll be sticking to dresses until, well, our clothes stop sticking to us. And to help you through your own cruel summer, we rounded up our 10 favorite frocks from Rebecca Taylor.
From playful, watercolor-print smocks to lighter-than-air chiffon slip dresses, each is an object lesson in how to stay cool, even if your city is a blazing hellscape really, really hot.

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