Say Goodbye To The Suit: 10 Cute & Cubicle-Friendly Joe Fresh Picks!

We get that dressing for summer's heat and humidity is a daily brainteaser. Since we work in fashion, we get to take some liberties with fabrics and hem lines, but for those in more corporate settings, well, we can only imagine how much more challenging your mornings must be. Which is why we've made it easier for you and picked out 10 stylish — and office-appropriate — Joe Fresh pieces that you'll be sporting for the rest of the season.
Business attire doesn't always have to look so stuffy, and the last thing you'd want to wear on a stifling day is a head-to-toe black suit. Instead, look for light fabrics and bold colors that say, "Yes, I work in an office, but I'm human — and it's hot outside!"
See our picks for stylish office pieces, ahead.

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