11 Not-Normal Opening Ceremony Shoes...That We LOVE

Is it just us, or are the 11 Opening Ceremony shoes ahead a little...cray? Gold leather lug soles? Check. Sky-high purple wedges? Check. Baby-pink buckle boots — with a glittery gum sole? Suddenly, it's 1993, Janet Jackson is on the radio, and overalls are in style (for the first time).
Not that we have any problems with all this madness. See, we don't really go to Opening Ceremony when we want "normal." We shop OC for weird, wild, edge-of-unwearable stuff. We may not really be the sort of iconoclast who needs clunky, silver-metallic clogs, but it's pretty great to dress the part sometimes — and some wackadoo details are all a part of the fun.
Click on for our 11 favorite, decidedly not-normal Opening Ceremony shoes.

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