Move Over, BB: These Asian Beauty Innovations Are The Next Big Thing

You know the BB cream craze? It started in Asia. 3D nail art? Asia, too. These days, it seems like anything remotely related to Asia's beauty (or entertainment!) market is going to make it big here in America. On the skin-care front, we're inclined to think that Japan and South Korea are way ahead of the curve, so we're highlighting some of the most innovative products to come from both countries.
We're not just talking about liquid eyebrow pencils and sleeping masks. Think outside the beauty box: snail slime, collagen supplements, and a gel that'll melt your clogged pores. (They may sound odd, but hey, we're definitely willing to try anything that'll make our blackheads disappear.)
Read on to find out what we've got stashed in our shopping carts — think we should pull the trigger?

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