Fringe Benefits: 8 Pairs Of False Lashes You Never Knew You Needed

We're always wondering how Hollywood's leading ladies have such a beautiful, full fringe. And then we figured it out: false eyelashes. Of course, we're not gearing up for our close-ups every day like they are, but that's not to say that we don't want the same flirty look. That's why we've rounded up eight sets of lashes that'll make everyone do a double take, in a good way.
Before you start imagining Nicki-Minaj-esque peepers, hear us out. Depending on your personal preference, a strip of falsies can add tons of volume or length (you can even cut them down if they're too long), while individual ones can fill in a sparse lash line. Just remember to add a swipe of mascara to meld the false lashes with your own — unless you want to look like your lashes are pointing both upwards and downwards.
Check out our faves in the gallery, and start flirting with those eyes!

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