Flywheel, Blackhawks, & More We're Buzzing About This Week

Since Wells Street is home to some of our favorite guilty pleasures (Homemade Pizza, anyone?), it's probably for the best that Flywheel is seemingly taking over the space that once was Tequila Road House. The Flywheel team is checking out the space this weekend to see if there's room for Flybarre, too! (Racked)
Chicago native Melissa McCarthy confirms that she's not only keeping true to her Plainfield roots, but that she and Sandra Bullock, whom she calls "Sandy," are real-life friends. And after reading her interview with Splash, we're pumped to go see The Heat on June 28. (Splash Sun Times)
Anna Jane of See Jane teamed up with Lucky magazine and Canon to promote the new Canon EOS Rebel and make a video of all her bags and purses. We're having serious trouble looking away from all that eye candy. (See Jane)
You may have heard the Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup finals, and you may also know that the Stanley Cup is the be-all end-all of hockey, but do you know how to navigate a conversation about this monumental event? Cheeky Chicago gives us some talking points to keep us in the loop. (Cheeky Chicago)
Grace sous chef Mitch Lienhard is one of the recipients of the 2013 Eater Young Guns award. Lienhard is the single Chicagoan among 15 winners, but we secretly think he's probably the best. (Eater)
Photos: Via See Jane, Splash Sun-Times

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