Hot In The City: 9 Real Girls Show Us How Summer Beauty Is Done

As much as we'd like to use the excuse that the reason we're being lazy with our hair and makeup is because it's so damn out hot that nobody can look good in this weather, sadly, we cannot. That's because we stumbled across these nine lovely ladies on the streets of NYC, looking like the blazing sun was having absolutely zero effect on them. How's a girl supposed to get her sloth behavior on when you've got these gorgeous girls in your line of sight? Looks like the heat really is on the streets.
Seeing these summer sirens has given us the motivation we need to undo our ponytails, gloss up our lips, and swipe on some eyeliner before we head out the door. We have to, if we want to keep up with these city foxes. Click through to get some beauty inspiration for looking effortlessly cool and composed when the the mercury rises.

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