Keep Your Cool With 6 Genius Sticky-Weather Style Tips

We've heard it said before that when you don't feel comfortable, you probably won't look it either. And in the case of sticky, summer heat, feeling good and looking amazing can actually go hand in hand.
With an emphasis on the lightest of layers, stay-cool fabrics, and breezy silhouettes, the possibilities for stellar outfits are practically endless. To prove it, we've rounded up a few simple styling tips and tricks to ensure that you'll never feel officially beat by the heat.
1. Dress Up Your Underwear — Wearing your skivvies in public is still a bit of a crapshoot, but, with the right styling, it doesn't have to be. Bedroom-friendly pieces such as super-sheer nighties, simple slips, bustiers, or drawstring shorts can pair together for the most effortless of ensembles. Don't forget to pile on the chunky accessories to pull it all together.
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2. Be Beach-Ready, ALWAYS — We like to be prepared for hitting up the coastline at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, with the help of a killer one-piece suit, you can dress the part, as well. Just wear it as you would a leotard or top, and slip off the extras when you're ready to take a dip.
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3. Lighten Up On The Accessories — If your clothing is getting lighter, it doesn't really make sense that your accessories are still making you sweat. Switch your heavy leathers and thick fabrics for something smaller that won't cling to your side when you hold it. An easy plastic pouch with a wrist strap is perfect for toting just the essentials — because who wants to carry around an extra 20 pounds in this weather?
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4. Pick Sheers Instead — Mother Nature doesn't exactly know the difference between 9-to-5 and lazy weekends. So, if you must sport something a bit more structured and office-ready this summer, try swapping out your button-down tops and silk shells for a light-as-air sheer number.
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5. Invest In Breathable Basics —Your go-to cotton pieces are practically a lifesaver in the heat. They're breathable and light and, best of all, they make perfect companions for all your standout wardrobe favorites. Stock up on these practical pieces, then mix and match as you please.
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6. Keep Your Distance — There's nothing wrong with a little summer body-con, but to really keep cool, pick silhouettes that flow away from your bod and won't cling when things get uncomfortably sticky. Thankfully, with the help of on-trend boxy and babydoll dresses, you should have no problem finding the perfect solution.
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