The Best Dry Shampoos For When You REALLY Don't Feel Like Doing Your Hair

You guys, we're exhausted. The physical exertion it takes to drag our behinds out of bed in the a.m. is more than we can bear. And our hair — ugh, it just takes so much effort. We can't be bothered, which is why dry shampoos are such a lifesaver for us right now. Just spritz some on your mane and your lifeless, limp, greasy, sad locks are given a new lease on life.
Because we're in a giving mood — and because we don't want to feel alone in our extreme laziness — we've gone ahead and rounded up some new and new-ish dry shampoos to help pep up your 'do. We're pretty equally divided around the office between powders and sprays, so you'll find an ample helping of both in our picks. For those of you who have not yet experienced the wonder of this lazy-girl styling secret, our advice is to pick up one of the following products, apply generously to your roots, and then work it in with your fingertips. That's literally all there is to it.
The time you save not doing your hair in the a.m. will allow you to get so much more done, like making it to the gym for a morning class, or making an actual breakfast instead of wolfing down a Larabar. Or, you know, you could just sleep more — we think you already know which of those we opted for...

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