Embrace The Chunk: 10 Topshop Shoes That Hardly Feel Like Heels

There's a similarity between the juice-cleanse crowd and those who love sky-high heels: Both groups take a certain amount of pride in their pain — and frankly, we're a little scared to follow suit. In a perfect world, stilettos would feel like Nike Frees, and calorie-free cronuts would grow on trees — but until that beautiful world is achieved, let's embrace the sensible-height shoe, shall we? And thanks to Topshop, "sensible" looks a lot cooler than you might expect.
From gleaming, bronze loafers with a pleasingly blocky heel to bright white flatforms, we've found 10 pairs guaranteed not to pinch your toes and make your arches ache — well, okay, those sky-high wedges may be a bit of a stretch. Let's just say we're willing to suffer a teeny bit for fashion — as long as we get to keep our cronuts.
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