New Heights. 11 Rooftops To Make Summer Hot

UPDATE:You've got more weekend day to really take it all in. So, check out these 11 rooftop bars for views and drinks and fun. This article was originally published on June 10.
We feared it might never, ever happen, but tuck those puffy coats and heavy sweaters away in the back of your closets, because summer is finally here! And the last place we want to be these warm months is tucked into a dark dive bar — give us sunshine, crop tops and poolside drinks! And so, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in rooftop bars across Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’re into fancy building tops with epic ragers, we’ve got you covered — and if you’re down for chill vibes and foodie-fied expanses, we’ve got some of those, too. From hotel-top taquerias, liquor-soaked watermelon wonders, and even a secret, lush garden, consider this your permanent answer to wondering where to drink all season long.

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