12 Workouts To Jumpstart Your Routine & Get You In Shape, Stat!

UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 6.
After weeks of sweating through the same old workout, even the most dedicated gym junkie can slide into a state of lethargy. But thanks to D.C.'s newest, high-adrenaline fitness classes, you can overcome this! From suspension training to Brazilian martial arts, these workouts will challenge your body and get you into tip-top shape. Dive into our list of the best studios and so-worth-it classes — just in time for pool season.
TRX Suspension Training
Originally used by Navy Seals (so you know it packs a powerful punch), TRX training involves a pair of durable nylon bands that — you guessed it — are suspended from wherever you can hang them. TRX'ers use their own body weight to provide resistance, control the intensity of each exercise, and gain strength. D.C. studios have been steadily adding TRX to their schedules, and these three picks really up the ante.
D.C.’s Reformation Fitness offers a double whammy of both TRX and kettlebell training (the ball-shaped weight with handles that challenges your muscles to stabilize as you swing it). If this class doesn’t leave you sore, consider yourself truly fit.
Reformation Fitness, 1302 9th Street NW, First Floor; 202-813-3647.
Rockville’s extendYoga offers small TRX/bootcamp circuit classes (12 people, max) at various times throughout the year. You can look forward to toned muscles and increased core stability from the combo of TRX training and bootcamp exercises, like sit-ups and push-ups. Everyone from fitness pros to former couch potatoes are encouraged to attend.
extendYoga, 12106 Wilkins Avenue, North Bethesda; 301-881-3330.
The highlight at Ashburn’s NuFit Studio is the TRX HIIT (that’s high-intensity internal training) class, where participants perform exercises to near-exhaustion for specific intervals, with or without rest in between. Oh yeah, and you’re doing TRX, too. Can you say difficult?
NuFit Studio, 44710 Cape Court, #210, Ashburn; 703-328-6418.
Photo: Courtesy of Reformation Fitness
Sure, spinning can be repetitive, but these studios provide challenging twists to the traditional cycling class that will get your heart rate up.
Off Road Indoor Cycling gives students what many spinning spots often neglect — a healthy dose of strength training. Riders who take Cycle Circuit can expect 40 minutes of pedaling and 30 minutes of Off Road’s Power Circuit, where they perform exercises like push-ups, lunges, and jumping jacks.
Off Road Indoor Cycling, 905 U Street NW; 202-681-1319.
The atmosphere at Arlington’s Revolve Fitness is what makes this place stand out. Choose from three different classes — Real Ride, Body Ride, or Barre Ride — and put the pedal to the metal in a darkened room where the instructor gets things going under a spectacle of bright lights.
Revolve Fitness, 1025 North Fillmore Street, Arlington; 703-567-4516.
Yogis and bikers come together at Sculpt DC, the city’s only cycle-and-yoga studio. Reap the benefits of both activities when you attend Sculpt Cycle Fusion, which comprises 30 minutes of interval training on the bike and 30 to 45 minutes of body-sculpting poses, core work, and deep stretching. The result? One intense cardio and strength combo.
Sculpt DC, 950 F Street NW; 202-885-9950.
Photo: Courtesy of Off Road Indoor Cycling
Pilates Reformer with the Jumpboard
You’re lying on your back on a Pilates reformer apparatus when you spring off a jumpboard — think of it like horizontal trampoline jumping. But just because you’re lying down doesn’t mean it’s easy. The reformer uses a moving carriage, adjustable springs, and straps to tone your body, and your feet are almost constantly moving while you push away from the reformer and get a cardio boost.
Classes at MINT Health Club and Spa’s downtown and Dupont locations are set to music, and you’ll have so much fun listening to your favorite tunes that you won’t even notice you’ve worked up a sweat. MINT recommends this class for students of all fitness backgrounds, along with those seeking to build endurance and strength. And don’t worry: You don’t have to be a gym member to take Pilates here.
MINT Health Club and Spa, 1724 California Street NW, 202-328-6468; 1001 16th Street NW, 202-638-6468.
Each class at Fuse Pilates, located in a historic Dupont Circle mansion, begins with this question: “What do you want to work on today?” Students give their requests and instructors tailor the jumpboard-reformer class to help tone arms, legs, abs, backs, and glutes.
Fuse Pilates, 2008 Hillyer Place NW; 202-525-3767.
My Thrive Pilates’ Shirlington studio offers a mixed-level reformer class with a jumpboard workout, so you can expect a mix of basic and advanced moves, depending on your individual skill level. Dogs are welcome, too, so feel free to bring Fido along.
My Thrive Pilates, 2800 South Randolph Street, Suite 140, Arlington; 703-371-0054.
Photo: Courtesy of Fuse Pilates
If you took karate as a kid, consider trying capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines dancing, fighting, and gymnastics. Characterized by quick leg sweeps, cartwheels, and the occasional acrobatic move, the sport teaches total body awareness while providingta all-over conditioning.
The Capoeira Spot offers four different levels of classes. New students should sign up for “Foundations,” where they’ll learn the basic steps of the exercise, or “ginga,” along with kicks, escapes, beginning acrobatics, traditional songs, and even capoeira etiquette.
The Capoeira Spot, 636 Florida Avenue NW; 240-606-4446.
If you’d like a workout with a slice of cultural tradition, U Street’s Universal Capoeira Angola Center may be a great fit. The all-levels classes take place five times per week, and the center is dedicated to preserving capoeria’s historic Afro-Brazilian roots.
Universal Capoeira Angola Center, 1351 U Street NW; 202-628-0095.
Musical athletes will love the capoeira offerings at Takoma Park’s Roda Movements. You'll learn basic and advanced exercise techniques, discover the rhythms and songs of the martial art, and even try playing the drums, tambourine, and the berimbau, a musical bow from Brazil.
Roda Movements, 7014-A Westmoreland Avenue; Takoma Park; 301-920-0913.
Photo: Courtesy of The Capoeira Spot/Koko Lanham

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