Calling All Titanias: Try This DIY Flower Crown

While your version of a Midsummer's Night Dream might not include kissing donkeys, you do have quite a lineup of music festivals, rooftop barbecues, and boozy picnics to rival Titania's plans. The only accessory that'll do all that frolicking justice? A floral crown, of course.
A step up from your average daisy chain, these headpieces are easily constructed from real flowers — a fun preparty activity to partake in (you know, before all those Micheladas start messing with your dexterity). Afterward, remember to hang up your crown to dry, and you'll have a pretty souvenir from what will be the best summer yet. So, grab a bud (both floral and friend) and press play to see how you can create your own crown of petals just in time for all your summertime plans.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Shot by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder; DIY by Chloe Daley

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