This Norma Kamali Trinket Will Remind You To Stay Empowered

We'd love to think that getting harassed on the street, belittled at work, or teased at home is as outdated as a chicken and pineapple aspic, but those little moments of objectification are still daily humiliations for most women. They're so common and sometimes so subtle that they almost feel like a part of your routine (you know — wake up, avoid cat-callers on the corner where you pick up coffee, meeting, lunch, wonder why your boss only has a pet name for you and the other women in the boardroom, go home, see sexist advertisement on TV, pull hair out, repeat). If we had infinite patience and energy, we'd fight each act of objectification with fire, but it's often easier to just try and ignore it. The danger is when we start to see objectification as normal.
Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive women and men and fighting back when it matters is totally necessary…but Norma Kamali's newest collection of jewelry can be an additional reminder to stay empowered. Her new collection of chains and trinkets feature dog chain affirmations, lucite pendants, and silver trinkets made in part with, where women can share their personal stories and read others (click here to see Kamali's account of one job interview gone sour). "My goal is to inspire women to share their stories. The incidents of objectification are painful, embarrassing, and humiliating and because of that we keep them to ourselves. It is time we free ourselves of the secrets that undermine our potential." Each piece in the collection retails for under $100. Shop the wares on
Photo: Courtesy of Norma Kamali

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