Strip Down: 10 Nasty Gal Pieces Born To Brave The Heat

It's summer, guys! For the uninitiated, this means that you should be outdoors, lounging in a park or poolside, popsicle in hand — not in your closet, trying to figure out what to wear. Are you guilty of closet fail? Yeah, we sometimes are, too. But this summer's gonna be different, thanks to Nasty Gal.
Our long-time favorite destination for super-trendy pieces truly outdoes itself when it comes to summer. Think oodles of short 'n' sweet dresses, digital-print tops, and cool white jeans in the new slightly relaxed fit (if you've ever worn your skinnies on a 90-degree day, you'll know why this is the silhouette of summer).
Oh, and it's Nasty Gal, so you won't be dropping mega dough — all of the finds ahead clock in at way under $100. Go ahead and grab a frozen margarita with that extra change. No judgements here — it's summer.
Shop all 10 super-cute, sub-Benjamin buys ahead!

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