Mystery and Intrigue in Rachel Comey's New Swim Lookbook

In Rachel Comey's new swim 2013 lookbook, photographer/model/muse Willy Somma plays a game of name-that-L.A.-locale, and the result is a beautiful, noir-inflected exploration of our city (with, of course, a generous helping of some killer suit styles).
Drawing influence from the photographic and film works of Guy Bourdin, Alfred Hitchcock and Michelangelo Antonioni, Somma's photos are a moody, cinematic feast for the eyes. It's a welcome change from the usual summertime swim fare, with its chosen settings ranging from shadowy concrete structures to cool cavernous spaces. The suits being featured are works of art too: mostly modest pieces in dark, oceanic palettes with seductive details such as ties, cutouts, and dipping necklines. We never see Somma's face, a choice she and Comey agreed created an air of intrigue. Leave it to Comey to take a summer swimwear collection and make it awesomely mysterious.
Photos: Courtesy of T Magazine, Rachel Comey, and Willy Somma.

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