Just In Time: An Exclusive Sneak Peek At Vans' Fall '13

We've seen Vans kill it with its Kenzo x Vans collaboration before, but this time, the brand is working all by itself. Vans has been serving us a fresh dose of high-school symbolism since we were in, well, high school. Now, it's not only bringing us back to pre-Backstreet Boys (NKOTB or Van Halen) days, but it's also galaxy-trotting into the future. The sneaker brand has given us an exclusive glimpse at its upcoming fall '13 classics collection and, from what we've seen, it has knocked our vans off.
Vans have made our Hamptons daydreams a reality with chambray polka dots and answered our existential questions about the meaning of life with its galaxy digital prints. The line has also searched through the depths of the archives and reprinted a few of its favorite vintage patterns, including an awesome showcase of famous beaches and youthful yellow daisies. But, the trip doesn't stop at the Milky Way: Vans raised the bar by turning its classic sneaker into a wedge. Not only is it offering the amplified classic in its heritage navy color, but also a leopard print. We love both, but we wouldn't exactly recommend hitting the half-pipe in them. And besides, with a price tag of $45 to $75, we might just have enough money leftover to grab that skateboard we were too embarrassed to buy as distressed adolescents.
Ahead, we've got all the looks from the next can't-wait-to-wear collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Vans

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