This Season's Coolest Crop Of Pants? Ankle-Baring Capris, Of Course

Somewhere along the line, capris caught a bad wrap. And, even though we’ve yet to find a pair of flattering pedal pushers (you know, the ones that hit just below the knee), cropped pants are a totally different story. The trick? A tailored and narrow leg opening at the ankle elongates your gams, instead of cutting it off right above the largest part of your calf.
In fact, with all the unabashedly sunny patterns and summer-ready pastel styles hitting stores, we’re happy to give our regular ol’ skinny jeans a rest in exchange for a pair of ankle-baring capris. Ahead, you’ll find 12 of our favorite picks that are perfect for a breezy Memorial Day weekend — whether you’re digging for clams or not.

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