Cross It Off Your Shopping List: The Perfect Summer Shoe

When it gets legitimately hot and sticky out, the thought of getting creative with your wardrobe can disappear faster than an ice cream cone in the sun. But, with the right ammo in your style arsenal, you can easily bust out of a sundress-and-sandals rut — and we're helping you get stocked. These sneaks from American Apparel would look beyond adorable with a casual frock, your trusty denim cutoffs, or a crisp white button-up and skinnies. And, they're just the kind of slip-on-and-go shoe option a busy gal needs during the summer. (Or a busy guy — they're unisex!) The icing on the cake? They're just $32 — which means you can afford a second ice cream after the first one melts.
American Apparel Unisex Denim Tennis Shoe, $32, available at American Apparel.

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