Would You Go To Work Without Styling Your Hair...At All?

This is the question that the editors over at XOJane posed to their readers, promising that their editorial team would try it first and share the fruits of their...non-effort. It doesn't sound that groundbreaking, right? We didn't think so either, until we clicked through the gallery and saw how different almost all of the women looked. Even more subtle changes provided very different results, enough to give us pause on how much of our primping routine is truly necessary...and how much we've simply been socialized to deem acceptable.
The challenge to do absolutely nothing to our hair seems a little extreme, but we have to say that this story is making us question who exactly we're trying to impress when we spend the better part of an hour molding our hair into whatever coiff we deem appropriate for sporting in public. The pursuit of beauty can be empowering and enhance our individuality, but it can also make us feel that our natural features need to be changed and covered up. What do you think about about all of this natural-hair noise: would you happily go about your day with completely unstyled hair, or would you rather die than give up your styling products and hot tools? (XOJane)
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